Mistress Reviews

Boston: 8/21/15 – I have been seeking a Professional Dominatrix for a serious long-term training type relationship.  I have seen several “Top Pros” and sessioned with many of the areas local talent. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Mistress Helena’s website and I was hooked, I knew I must submit to Her. She was exactly what I was searching for beauty with strength and maturity… In session, Mistress Helena was all these things and more. She subjected me to the most exquisite agony involving CBT, Flogging, Nipple Torture and Tease & Denial, all from the prospective of a nature knowable Woman, who truly enjoyed what She was doing.  I have come to appreciate many aspects of Mistress Helena, none more than Her caring & emotional accessibility, She truly sees me as a person, not in the detached and mechanical way several “Dommes” conduct sessions and view their clients.